On-Premise &

On-Premise and Traditional Solutions

At Tel-Ad Electronics, we offer end-to-end solutions (E2ES), consulting, implementation, and management services to support any IT / DRP infrastructure. Our professional staff are among the best experts and senior consultants in their fields. This extensive experience means we are highly prepared to solve the challenges and IT complexities facing all organizations, and are able to lead and drive change processes in IT areas that will reduce risk and cost while improving service to your customers.

Tel-Ad maintains deep technology expertise combined with a high level of service, proven tools and methodologies, and an extensive understanding of Data Center & IT infrastructure.

Our vast experience as an integrator allows us to offer you broad, in-depth, and complete turnkey solutions, in order to successfully address the complex challenges your organization faces within IT and Data Center infrastructure.

We provide dedicated physical servers, leveraged virtual servers, utility blade services, hybrid cloud solutions, and storage and network systems all tailored to the client's architecture and needs – allowing you to meet ROI targets easily and effectively.

Tel-Ad owns hundreds of square meters of floor space and racks, hosting services for IBM, Infinidat and other global companies.

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